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Everything you want your customers to know is right in front of them with MallFrame’s dynamic and up to date digital signages.

Dynamic Content

Static posters and signage are old news; with Mallframe’s digital signage, share adverts, your mall’s activities, promotions, events, ads and much more from just one frame. All content of the digital signage can be in various video, RRS or photo formats while the length, sequence and every other arrangement is up to your choosing. Synchronized with all your other digital channels; place your signage wherever you need in your mall and increase visibility for all your dynamic content including flight info, the latest movies -even the weather!


KNS knows that design and hardware quality matters as much as your content does; so we bring you multiple options from custom made to standard, from horizontal to vertical screens. Mallframe digital signage’s state of the art designs will have your visitors’ eyes glued to your screens while you’ll never go down thanks to our solution partner Kiosk Innova’s tech support which has you covered throughout the country.