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M-Loyalty; creates truly loyal customers for your business.

Mobile and Social Loyalty

Can't reach your new generation customers who won't use a plastic card or fill out a paper form? Give your customers a second option with KNS' integrated, simplified and engaged M-Loyalty! Sign them up quickly via Twitter, Facebook connect or email and the rest is up to your imagination. Get to know them better immediately, create promotions just for them and reward them whenever you want. Integreating your promotions with games and apps your customers will willingly share more and more about your business!

Marketing Campaigns

M-Loyalty generates separate profiles for all your customers according to automated or manual criteria and creates custom promotions for them. When you reach the right customers with the right campaigns in line with their online and mobile habits, this results in much higher interaction than any other marketing strategy –of course the campaigns aren’t limited only to paying customers. Your visitors can also get rewards by interacting with your mall with gamification mechanisms by checking in, sharing, liking and so on. The best part is you can manage all this from one channel; without the hassle of creating each campaign one by one, you only have to set your desired criteria and M-Loyalty takes care of the rest! All you need to is enjoy the increased revenue and customer loyalty.


It may have taken years to get a detailed evaluation of a customer in the traditional loyalty systems; but with M-Loyalty it takes a lot less to create an in-depth and accurate profile by tracking your user’s tendencies, behaviours and tastes from all digital channels simultaneously. We list details including not only customer’s shopping and social behaviours but also of their usage of all Mallframe channels so you can reach them from their channel of choice. Knowing your customers and tracking their whimsical tastes means that you can provide them with the most suitable solutions and campaigns –bringing you more return both in revenue and in loyalty.