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Understand your customers in depth with Mallframe

Unless you know how often and effective your Mallframe applications are being used; all you have is complex data and numbers. KNS provides you with preset or customized reports in weekly or monthly frequence. All the details you want to know from which of your digital directories are being used the most to which of your website's pages get the most clicks; from how active your users are in mobile and social, to which contents they share are on your desk in easy to understand formats.

Content Management

We take care of your content while you take care of business

We know your mall is constantly changing, just like a living organism; floor plan changes, new stores and brands, promotions, new movies in theathers and events... At KNS, we manage your content so you have more time to manage your business.

Digital Campaign

Future of digital marketing; Mallframe

We all know that campaigns and promotions are much more than just discounts; this is why KNS assists you to create countless types of campaigns via all Mallframe digital channels. Social media and digital directory games, Facebook apps, QR Code promotions and event websites; seeing the measurable results of these campaigns without devoting all your time and energy to it is now possible with KNS. Create new campaigns, share them and evaluate the outcomes with our expertise.