Create a remarkable visitor experience with the touch of a sustainable digital marketing platform.

Since 2011, presenting more than 750+ products, KNS has been building a bridge between physical and digital world in 7 Countries, more than 150+ Shopping Malls, Universities and City Hospitals.

For a sustainable customer relations experience, KNS is implementing a one-stop management model on a synchronized platform for its services such as Mobile CRM and Loyalty integrations, web sites, native applications and touchscreens.

Reaching over 250.000 end users through mobile applications, KNS continues being the strongest solution partner for shopping malls’ and their success stories. Millions of mall visitors’ shopping behaviors are being re-shaped via more than 200 touchscreens in Turkey and across the globe.

Meeting all the digital marketing needs of shopping malls, KNS is presenting basic, practical and customer oriented solutions.