Create a remarkable visitor experience with the touch of a sustainable digital marketing platform.


KNS proved to be an important partner for the creation of our network of outlet centers in Italy. Our 5 outlets share an integrated platform which allowed us to promote the brand Land of Fashion to the digital visitors of our websites as well as to the physical customers thanks to the proximity devices we installed and our APP.

Luca Zaccomer

Marketing Director, Multi Corporation

KNS has been one of our greatest supporters as a company that understands its client’s exact needs and offers tailor-made solutions. Allowing access from one platform to all digital channels; it is making the process easy to follow for visitors, tenants and the shopping mall management. As Rönesans, we are working with KNS in our shopping malls and we are highly content with the efficiency of digital marketing solutions which are the latest way of reaching our visitors. We believe that we have a sustainable business partnership with KNS who always presents up-to-date solutions appropriate to the situation and to the time period we are in.

Meryem Özkan

Marketing Manager, Rönesans Real Estate

We have been working with KNS for our digital marketing needs for many years. KNS keeps up with the latest technology, improves itself in its sector and offers diverse alternatives to its clients. The fact that it follows the technology so closely has made KNS a good business partner for us which offers creative solutions. With its young, dynamic and always accessible team KNS is one of the best business partners a corporation could have… As Cefic, we are certain that our long-lasting business relationship will continue with the same success and stability.

Alev Çalık Olgaç

Corporate Communications & Marketing Director, Cefic Turkey

We purchased the digital signages placed in our mall from KNS. Since it is an İstanbul based company, at first we had some concerns about communication in case of a technical problem and during the content management process, yet KNS reassured us in the course of the process. We can reach their team about displaying new content and technical support while we have the pleasure of obtaining quick solutions.

Neslihan Karaoğlu

Marketing Manager, Multi Corporation

As Klépierre Turkey, we have been cooperating with KNS in the development and content management of digital directories, websites and mobile applications of all our shopping malls. CRM project conducted by our headquarters in France in all Klépierre countries, can only be carried out with KNS in Turkey. We are racing against time together in a period when systems for understanding customer behavior, turning data into marketing strategies, online platforms and digital world are gaining more importance with each passing day. We are enjoying the advantage of deriving our motivation from our compatible relationship with KNS. We are achieving outstanding work together with our business partnership and long-lasting friendship as solution partners in every area! I hope that we have a long road before us on the basis of mutual trust with KNS who always stands by us working hard to give us the best solutions.

Gözde Tümay

Marketing Manager, Klépierre Turkey

In today’s world where virtual communication is more common and accessible than one-to-one contact, digital directories that are newly integrated to the retail world are starting a new era in terms of providing fast communication and uninterrupted service to the customers. Websites, Digital Kiosks, and Mobile Applications are the leading digital factors that have a great role in shaping the brand identity of a shopping mall, in addition to their communicational purposes. KNS exhibiting its difference with the inclusive service it gives in those fields, continues to produce work in international standards for our cooperative businesses. I wish that the visual integrity of the work done by their young and dynamic team, their up-to-date technological infrastructure and unconditional customer satisfaction will make KNS the leader of the sector.

Merve Gülay

Project and Brand Manager, Kozyatağı Carrefour Shopping Mall