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Fit your mall into one frame with MallFrame’s digital directories; rich & interacive content with contemporary designs.

Way Finding

Give your customers a detailed map of your mall while providing your brands with the ultimate accessibility, all in 3-D! Mallframe’s touchscreen maps brings your visitors all they could ask for and more; navigation, service points, shortcuts, disabled and pedestrian walkways. With just one click visitors can search stores by category or keyword, find their way with the Dynamic Way Finder while interacting with 3D floor and store plans!

Dynamic Content

There is nothing you cannot find in our dynamic contents! From events, ads, weather, live traffic and ATM information, promotions, customer feedback forms to the latest movies in your theatres, we’ve got you covered in all aspects. But the best part is; everything you share in the dynamic content is synchronized with every other outlet you use, thanks to Mallframe’s Content Managing System!


Thriving for the best, KNS brings you the ultimate touchscreens in the business! Customized solely for your needs our touchscreens come in different sizes, vertical or horizontal, state of the art and the most durable of all. And if there is ever a problem we’ve got you covered with our extensive tech support to bring you back up in no time.